Vision & Growth Values

Our Vision

To strengthen and incubate sustainable businesses that empower employees and benefit stakeholders and society.


Is our foundation value.
Means that as a professional organization, we will always do our activities with integrityIs the quality of being honest and consistently doing what is right.

External Focus

Defines success through the customer's eyes.
Is in tune with market/industry dynamics.
Sees around corners for changes in the environtment.


Is a domain knowledge and credibility built on experience. Continuously develops self. Loves learning.

Creativity and Courage

Generates new creative ideas. Resourceful & open to change. Displays courage & tenacity.

Clear Thinking

Seeks simple solutions to complex problems. Is decisive & focused. Communicates clear and consistent priorities.


Is a team player. Repects others' ideas and contributions. Creates excitement, drives engagement, builds loyalty and commitment.