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Every 6th canned pineapple in the world comes from Great Giant Pineapple.


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KBR wins Google News Initiative Innovation Challenge 2022

Google announced on December 5th, 2022 the 357 funding recipients of the 2022 Google News Initiative Innovation Challenge 2022. The winners were selected form 78 countries Asia Pacific, Latin America, the Middle East, Turkey, Africa and North America. Two of the winners are from Indonesia, KBR and Serikat Jurnalis Sains Indonesia (SISJ).

The GNI Innovation Challenges have been driving innovation in news since 2019 and have funded over 200 projects in 47 countries. It empowers news organizations from around the world that pioneer new thinking in online journalism, develop new paths to sustainability and better understand the community.

“With over 4 million podcasts on Spotify, discoverability becomes an issue for many listeners. People have a hard time finding podcasts that they yearn for, especially ones that engage in deeper conversation and offer new perspectives. With such a diverse market, Indonesian listeners deserve to have more access to podcasts that one can feel engaged with inspired by, and in awe of its storytelling experience. As a podcast hub and digital ecosystem, KBR Prime will be a solution for people to find that, and to interact in a more inclusive space in their journey to create a better Indonesia.” – KBR Prime