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Great Giant Livestock (GGL)

Great Giant Livestock (GGL) is the third largest cattle feedlot in Indonesia. GGL is located within the GGP’s plantation in Lampung, South Sumatra. It was established in 1987 with its main business in Live Cattle having the advantage of being in the middle of plantation.

As part of the Great Giant Foods’ “Green” Synergies, GGL processes pineapple peel from Great Giant Pineapple (GGP) and tapioca co-products from Umas Jaya Agrotama (UJA) for its cattle feed. GGL provides cattle manure to GGP which in turn processes it as fertilizer for its plantation.

GGL has expanded its business in Beef and Dairy Sector, where GGL successfully operate integrated Dairy Farm in a Tropical Low Land.

For further information, visit Bonanza Beef at https://bonanza-beef.co.id/ and Hometown Dairy at https://www.hometowndairy.com/

Correspondence Address: Sequis Tower Level 39 – 40 Jl Jendral Sudirman Kav 71, SCBD Lot 11B, Jakarta 12190, Indonesia
Farm: Jl. Raya Arah Menggala, Terbanggi Besar Km 77 Lampung Tengah 34165 Indonesia
P. (+62-21) 5099 1888
F. (+62-21) 2708 2828 or (+62-21) 2708 3939


All GGL cattle are traceable within the value chain from end-to-end.

Animal Welfare

GGL follows strict international animal welfare practices.

Leading Player

GGL is one of the largest cattle feedlots in Indonesia.

Did you know?

Every 6th canned pineapple in the world comes from Great Giant Pineapple.


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