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Arcadia is a New Star of Zen x Sebastian Gunawan Collection

The latest Zen tableware launch, titled “Arcadia,” and created in collaboration with designer Sebastian Gunawan, is featured prominently (think beauty, vibrant designs and natural florals in springtime colors) bold repeat patterns inspired by Arcadian in Greece.

This new Zen Tableware x Sebastian Gunawan collection brings the natural beauty of Arcadia to life. Filled with purity of white, peacefulness of blue and warmth of yellow, blends into one to create a beautiful harmony with nature.

“We want to co-ordinate with the brilliant colors of white, blue and yellow shades in the same glorious design works by Sebastian Gunawan. From sky blue salad plates to a decorative tableware set, this range has everything to dine in style. We want people to think of every day as a celebration, a celebration of happiness, togetherness, I think this is the Zen’s overall mission. It’s all about celebrating and enjoying life,” said Tjandra Suwarto, President Director of Indo Porcelain.

The new collection, Arcadia, is the second masterpiece of Zen x Sebastian Gunawan after a successful Blue Moon collection which launched in 2017.