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Bonanza, Pineapple-fed Beef, Launches Bonanza Beef Bakso to Its Customer

Great Giant Foods’ (GGF) has introduced a high quality, non-preservatives, Bonanza Beef Bakso, a healthier and safer choice for its customers. With the desire to contribute to restore the consumption of bakso as one of Indonesian traditional dish that is loved and safe to be consumed, which will also be presented to the world as one of warm, healthy and easy to serve Indonesian cuisine.

The Company believes that great quality meat is a result of proper nutrition of the beef cattle as its brand promise of “Making Food Great”. By applying sustainable integrated farming and production, GGF has a vision to provide a quality product alternative with higher standard of food safety, food traceability and reliable source aspects.

The locally grown beef producer is committed to bring farm’s goodness to the table. “As we are committed in bringing values to customers, locally grown beef has countless benefits to offer. Many people feel local food tastes better. They also find peace of mind knowing exactly where their food came from and how it was grown”, said Dayu Ariasintawati, Managing Director of PT Great Giant Livestock (GGL).

“Our meatball contains at least 84% of beef (100% beef, no additional meat) and no preservatives, it is processed with halal standards. Additionally, our cattle are pineapple-fed, it brings more nutrition to the cattle for healthier consumption”, she added. The Company hopes to see Bonanza Beef Bakso will set the standard of high quality meatball in the market.

For more information about the product: www.bonanza-beef.co.id