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Ghea x Zen Porcelain Tableware Launches The Wayang Beber Collections

Ghea Panggabean and Zen Porcelain Tableware presented the latest collections of tableware with the theme of Wayang Beber. The launch took place at Alun-Alun Indonesia, Grand Indonesia on December 18, 2019.
Wayang Beber is the oldest form of Indonesian Wayang performance and also a part of the celebration of Javanese rituals in the past. Wayang Beber is popular for its one of a kind performance. The story to be told is painted on a material made of Lontar Leaves, clothes and papers. The scroll is stretched between two columns and the dalang or the storyteller will have to unfold the scrolls to narrate the story.
Ghea chose Wayang Beber as the inspiration of the new tableware collection after her successful adaptation of Wayang Beber into her Fashion Collections in 2013, 2017 and 2018. Her collections had also successfully walked the runaway of London and Milan, also the latest shows in Bulgaria and Istanbul.
The Wayang Beber tableware collections consists of a limited Giftware Collections such as Ashtray, Jewelry Tray, Storage Jar and Gift Plate of different sizes and color. There are also basic Tableware such as sets of Tea Cup & Saucer, Dining Plate and Dessert Plate that features the characters of Wayang Beber in various colors.
Ghea also launches a Christmas Special Edition to celebrate the festive moments of 2019 that is available in Red and Green.
The creative collaboration between Ghea and Zen Porcelain Tableware has been acknowledge for its quality and innovative design. The recent collaboration, The Wayang Beber Tableware & Giftware Collections, aims to preserve Indonesia’s cultural heritage in a form that is related to today’s lifestyle.
Ghea continuously design to meet the needs and style for all ages. She aims to inspire young millennial to give more appreciation for Indonesia’s cultural heritage, in the forms of fashion or housewares.