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Gunung Sewu Announces its Sustainability Commitment in Support to Sustainable Development Goals

Husodo Angkosubroto, Chairman of Gunung Sewu, announced today the new commitment Gunung Sewu has made to transform the sustainability footprint of the company while achieving its business ambition. The Group will intensify its support for renewable energy, creating zero waste and selling products that sustain people and the environment, of which, will support the implementation of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals.

The United Nations launched in 2016 a set of aspirational goals known as the sustainable development goals (SDGs). They consist of 17 goals subdivided into 169 targets, applicable to both developing and developed countries. They covered a wide range of focus areas such as the need to mitigate the impacts of climate change, reduce global malnutrition, create access to education, and end poverty.

Gunung Sewu Group states its commitment to:

  1. Encourage and support the development of sustainability frameworks within the Group’s businesses
  2. Leverage the SDGs as over-arching goals to guide the Group in its business strategies and actions
  3. Empower the Group’s diverse businesses to execute their own sustainability agendas

With this commitment, the Group aim to be a responsible business group that will contribute to a better society, mitigate environmental harm and deliver sustainable development in the long run. “In so doing, we will have continued to achieve meaningful progress on the sustainability front”, said Husodo.

To know more about Gunung Sewu programs on sustainability: