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Gunung Sewu Group Holds Gotong Royong Vaccination Program for Employees

Gunung Sewu Group continuously carries out Gotong Royong vaccinations for all employees in order to accelerate herd immunity against the spread of Covid-19. Gunung Sewu Group is cooperating with EMC Hospital and Omni Hospital Group in the implementation of the vaccines.

Currently, Gunung Sewu Group is in the Second Batch of Sinopharm vaccines. The first shot was rolled out on July 12-16, 2021 while the second shot will be given 3 weeks after. The vaccination center, this time, is divided into four locations which include Sequis Tower, Tangerang Telesonik, Bogor Parung and Bogor Ciluar. This Second Batch covers 2.000 employees + family in total.

The First Batch of vaccines was rolled out on May 18-27, 2021 and June 7-11, 2021, for the first and second shot respectively, and covered for 3.000 employees, outsourcing workers and others. The vaccination center for the First Batch was divided into several locations including Sequis Center, Tangerang Telesonik, Tangerang Balaraja, Bogor Parung, Bogor Ciluar, and Bogor Jonggol.

The safety of the employees is the top priority, and through Gotong Royong vaccination program Gunung Sewu Group reinforces that commitment. To increase the protection of the employees, Gunung Sewu has also implemented working from home especially since the new emergency PPKM for Java-Bali was enforced. Strict health protocols have also been established on all of our office buildings, factories and establishments since the beginning of the pandemy, including the exercise of body temperature checks, the obligation to wear double masks, as well as physical distancing requirements.

Article was updated on July 28th, 2021