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​Re.juve Launches the First Cold-Pressed Indonesian Heritage Beverages

Inspired by Indonesian Heritage recipes and their benefits for our body, Re.juve as the pioneer of delicious healthy and honest food and beverage selections in Indonesia would like to bring back the memories, benefits and deliciousness of Indonesia beverage.

“Re.juve as 100% Indonesian brand is proud to bring classic Indonesian Spices to the next level. Inspired by jamu, we create a better, healthier and more hygiene version of Indonesian Heritage beverages using Indonesia’s signature spices such as turmeric, ginger, galanga, curcuma and lemongrass,” said Richard Anthony, CEO and President Director of Re.juve.

Richard added, “As they are made from real, fresh ingredients (not concentrate or powder), lactose and gluten free, our products taste better. We use almond milk which is suitable for vegan instead of other milk. In line with our mission that all our products should be enjoyable, so through deep research and best quality control, Re.juve proudly launches the first Cold-Pressed Indonesian Heritage beverages variants and shots that are definitely healthy as well as enjoyable.”

The variants of Indonesian Heritage Beverages are:
Almond Kencur, Almond Bandre, Tropic Sereh and Tropic Temulawak

The variants of Re.juve Shots are:
Curcuma Ginger, Turmeric Ginger, Galanga Ginger and Celery Ginger

Re.juve uses the galanga and ginger which help remove tiredness or body aches, improve digestion health, ease symptoms of cold, flu and increase stamina. The other ingredients Re.juve uses are curcuma and turmeric that are very good to maintain healthy liver, improve kidney’s function, digestion and metabolism. Both curcuma and turmeric have natural anti-inflammatory compound.

The Indonesia Heritage Beverages are guaranteed to be 100% Cold-Pressed, Fresh and Natural without artificial sweetener, preservatives and not from concentrates. “In line with our company’s mission, we hope these Indonesian Heritage Beverage variants can help our customers to #LiveHappier and will make these beverages as part of their lifestyle. Customers can conveniently get these products in all Re.juve stores all over Jabotabek, Surabaya and Bali starting from November 23rd 2019,” closed Richard.