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Every 6th canned pineapple in the world comes from Great Giant Pineapple.


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Re.juve to Celebrate 3rd Anniversary of #LiveHappier

Jakarta’s famous cold-pressed juice, Re.Juve, is celebrating its 3rd anniversary on June 8. The celebration took place in Sequis Center, CBD, Jakarta with special guests, giveaways, and more. The Company was established in 2014 and now has more than 30 outlets in Jakarta, Tangerang, and expanding to other cities.

As part of Gunung Sewu, Re.juve has continued to deliver quality products to its customers. Re.juve’s CEO, Richard Anthony, takes the opportunity of saying thank you to the loyal customers who have helped the brand earn an award-winning reputation as the leading cold-pressed juice products.

“Re.juve believes in honesty and transparancy so customers knows exactly what they are getting, as highlighted in the simple statement: Just look at the ingredient list, what you see is what you get”, said Richard.