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Sequis Center has been officially certified as Green Building by the Indonesia Green Building Council

It’s never too late to change for the better.

A principle that we firmly believe as a forward thinking company with environmental sustainability in mind.

Recently, Farpoint has translated that principle into concrete action by transforming of our existing building, the Sequis Center, to be an environmentally sustainable building. Farpoint has protected the architectural legacy whilst reducing its environmental impact to an absolute minimum.

Now, the Sequis Center has been officially certified as Green Building with Gold level ranking by the Indonesia Green Building Council. As we are looking towards sustainable development as one of our core values, we hope to continue our collaboration on the vision to own and operate world-class environmentally friendly buildings.

On behalf of Farpoint family, we would like to thank Design Development (D&D) Department, Sequis Center team & tenants for their kind support and involvement to share the same vision together.

A vision of a better future through our legacy, A legacy beyond buildings.