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Sequis Introduces “PolisQ” Apps Providing Best Information Access For Customer

To ease Sequis customers in monitoring and making changes to their insurance policy data such as phone numbers, e-mail address, beneficiary and other matters related to insurance products, Sequis presents PolisQ (Polisku) application from Sequis. Through PolisQ, customers may also file and monitor insurance claims and find information about Sequis hospital affiliates according to their needs.

Through the application which can be accessed by customers anytime and anywhere, certainly Sequis customers will enjoy more convenient services at the same time completing the digital-based customer service range of solutions provided by Sequis.

PolisQ demonstrates Sequis’ commitment to constantly delivering technology-based service innovation to improve the quality of customer experience in accessing insurance services.

This will certainly support Sequis’ image as life and health insurance company that provides quality and innovative products and services and enhances Sequis’ reputation as a company that implements the highest standards of integrity in the life and health insurance industry.

Sequis PolisQ application can be used in Android and iOS gadgets, just sign in to the Google Play Store or Apple App Store and type in Sequis Polisku in the search field or click this link to download: https://polisku.sequis.co.id/download/

For customers who do not have Android and iOS gadgets can also enjoy this service through website https://polisku.sequis.co.id

For further information on this subject please contact Sequis Care: Tel: (62-21) 2994 2929, weekdays at 08.15 am to 5.00 pm or you can email to: care@sequislife.com