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Supporting Communities Affected by COVID-19, FARPOINT Distributes More Than 2,500 Basic Food Packages

Together with Food Bank of Indonesia (FOI), FARPOINT distributes basic food packages in Jakarta and Bogor to help meet basic food needs of the affected communities, especially the elderly, low-income families and informal workers.

The COVID-19 pandemic which struck almost all parts of the world also had an impact on all levels of society. Not only employers and workers, but those communities who are vulnerable in Indonesia. In the midst of these difficult times, it becomes a hope for all levels of society to care and share for those in need, especially our closest neighbours.

Through the Food Bank of Indonesia (FOI) which bridges aid distribution, as many as 2,000 basic food packages were distributed since last Friday (15/5) to vulnerable communities in Kuningan and Pancoran Districts, as well as outsourced workers and frontliners who support building operations. “Behind the difficulties that occur in the midst of the current pandemic in Indonesia, we believe this is an opportunity for all of us (as Indonesian) to continue to pray, have hope and do positive things. And we see that our support to meet the needs of food is what the society most needed at this time. Especially for the elderly, vulnerable families, and informal workers who are affected to the point of having to lose their income,” said Widijanto, Chief Operating Officer of FARPOINT.

This was justified by Hendro Utomo, Founder of FOI whose organization presence is to help overcome food gaps in Indonesia. “Elderly vulnerable people generally do not have income. And children are very dependent on parents who are looking for income in food fulfilment for their endurance. This is where the role of the society, is to help those in need, especially during this pandemic crisis.” Hendro explained, FOI is working with the Provincial Government of DKI Jakarta to ensure the aid channelled from corporations and individuals are on target to those who really need it right now.

The company also coordinated with the local neighbourhood officials (RT) around the location of a housing project being built in Parung Panjang District, Bogor, by distributing rice aid to 875 households. Through basic food supplies, the message implied for us, Indonesians, to keep up our spirit and do not give up. “We believe that the people of Jakarta and Indonesia can go through this pandemic together. And this situation provides an opportunity for us to create a closer family relationship. For those who can, #StayAtHome, and let’s all join our efforts together in helping Indonesia to be free from corona,” concluded Widijanto.