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Every 6th canned pineapple in the world comes from Great Giant Pineapple.


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ZEN Tableware x Dian Sastrowardoyo: Scarlet Red

The Scarlet Red collection is finally here to complete the Chinoiserie “Harmony in Diversity”, a collaboration between ZEN Tableware x Dian Sastrowardoyo. Much like the previous collection, Scarlet Red is rich with Nusantara’s flora featuring jasmine flowers, frangipani flowers and red hibiscus flowers, also Indonesian fauna in the design of parrots.

The ZEN Tableware x Dian Sastrowardoyo collaboration is here to accommodate home arrangements and decorations that are recently becoming a trend, especially during pandemic. If the Passionate Pink represented femininity full of love, romance and tenderness, the Scarlet Red showcased the luxury feeling and joy, full of love and warmth. The richness of red ornaments in this new collection is hoped to enliven the atmosphere of the house.

This collection comes with a complete collection of dinner and tea sets consisting of dinner plates, salad plates, oval plates, mugs, teapot and cups, and coasters.

With this collaboration, Dian also agreed to donate some of the profits to support the advancement of education in Indonesia through the Dian Sastrowardoyo Foundation.